Holy Trinity Column

Holy Trinity Column is a Baroque monument (Trinity column) that is located in the city of Olomouc. The monument was built between the years of 1716 to 1754. The monument was built in order to celebrate the faith of Catholic Church faith, it is built partly to display the feeling of gratitude as the end of the deadly disease plague, which struck the place of Moravia (now located in the Czech Republic) between the years 1713 to 1715. There is a column that is built, which could be understood that it was built in an expression of patriotism, now it stands still as a wonderful monument.

Now it is one of the biggest Baroque sculptural groups in the whole Czech Republic. The monument was later inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as “one of the most exceptional examples of European Baroque artistic expression.” The Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV started to build the Prague Castle in a dimension in the way that is now in the early 14th century, the royal seat was made by abandoning the deteriorating VyŇ°ehrad. Later Charles IV renewed the whole complex and even built the new fortification, with a royal palace and two gates.